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Do you have your Android device with an antivirus program? You probably have one on your computer, but Android devices are as vulnerable as computers to viruses. Hackers are keen to take advantage of your phone’s lack of security, so it’s important to install antivirus software on your Android device. Choosing the right part is the hardest part.

The Importance of Android Virus Scans

In the Google Play Store, you can’t trust every app ; Google recently removed 13 malicious apps — apps that hid their icons and downloaded APKs — with over 560,000 combined downloads. Two of them even made it to the list of trends.

These apps can be difficult to spot, but you can stop apps from installing dangerous APKs on your phone with a reliable antivirus.

You may use your phone to check emails and online banking, but Android viruses may appear on dangerous websites in email attachments, text messages, download links, WhatsApp links. There are so many different malware types that your phone’s security should be a top priority.

Common signs of having a virus

Some viruses can be easily detected. Popups and other annoying distractions will litter your phone. But that’s not always the case. In the background, some viruses remain hidden, logging all you type. Here are a few signs of a virus you might have:

1. Excessive use of data

It can run in the background when a virus has infected your phone. In some cases, viruses will transmit your phone information that should trigger a noticeable spike in your data use.

2. Unusual crash of the app

Apps may crash once in a while, but you may have a virus if it appears to crash every time you use it.

3. Pop-up adware

Nobody likes ads for pop-ups. While it is normal for them to appear in the form of advertisements on safe websites, when your browser is closed, they should not appear. You probably have a virus if they do.

4. Increase in bills for phones

Some malware variants will send your phone’s premium-rate SMS messages. This can cause your phone bill to increase because data rates are applicable. Incoming messages can even be deleted by viruses.

5. You haven’t downloaded apps

Never click a download app you don’t remember. It was probably installed on your Android device by malware and should be installed with an antivirus program immediately.

6. Problems with battery life

Malware can use a lot of the energy of your phone to quickly drain the battery. If the battery of your phone seems to drain faster than normal — including immediately after the charger comes off — you may have a virus.

7. Overheating

It has been known that some infected phones overheat. Keep an eye on this when your phone overheats suddenly.

How to scan an Android virus

Google continues to hear that Play Store is becoming safer by the day ; now that Play Protect program — Google’s own antivirus — has been introduced to scan various android apps that are uploaded to the Play Store. But a different story seems to be told by statistics.

A study reveals that the Play Store discovered nearly 3.5 million malicious Android apps last year. And more recently, Google removed 36 adware-infested apps and 300 more apps that used smartphones to attackDDoS. These are huge numbers that can not simply be overlooked, demonstrating that your smartphones still need a dedicated Android antivirus to stay away from various security threats.

Why Use MSecurity Android Antivirus?

It is a Android Antivirus comes with impressive security features that make it a market-leading tool.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play store to download an antivirus of choice. A quick search for “MSecurity”.

Step 2: Open MSecurity application, do subscribe our security feature.

Step 3: Give the app time for any malicious software to scan your device and check all of your apps.

Step 4: Allow the app to find a solution by clicking “resolve” if a threat is found. Some viruses will be removed while others will be quarantined on your phone. Don’t be afraid. Virus quarantine is a common practice that is perfectly safe.

Step 5: Uninstall it immediately if there is a malicious app.

MSecurity Features:

Main Features:

  • Virus scanning
  • Task killer for optimizing device speed
  • Power saver
  • Space saver for deleting unnecessary files
  • Wi-Fi scanner
  • Insights into app permissions
  • Encrypt photos in a vault
  • Lock sensitive apps using a PIN or fingerprint
  • Web protection
  • App locking
  • Privacy audits for all apps
  • Wi-Fi scanning

Additional Features:

  • Phone Cooler
  • Whatsapp Cache Cleaner
  • App Manager
  • Notification Manager
  • Wifi Booster
  • Speed Tester,etc

Protect Your Android Devices

You need an antivirus app on your Android devices. Not only are mobile devices the most popular way to access the Internet, but the Android platform is the most used operating system in the world. Hackers know this, and they are constantly developing new malware to infect your Android devices.

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